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In less than 3 weeks, Magic: The Gathering enters LA for Grand Prix: Los Angeles. We thought that this historic return to Southern California wouldn’t be complete without a tribute to the City of Angels.

So we reached out to rk post, one of the 11 artists in attendance, and he gave us this!

GP LA City of Angels

Art: Check! But then we thought, how can we get this awesome piece of art into the hands of players?

Solution: Playmat! The best part is that this playmat has plenty of space for rk post to alter it to your likings.

GP LA - City of Angels Playmat

You’ll be able to get this City of Angels Playmat 1 of 3 ways:

1. Register as a VIP for Grand Prix Los Angeles.
2. Win ANY On Demand Event, All Weekend Long!
3. A limited number will be available for purchase from rk post’s vendor booth.

We have some other exciting changes to On Demand Events for #GPLA.

More Prizes, More TIX, More Fun.

You love the Prize Wall. We love the Prize Wall. What makes the Prize Wall better? More TIX!

Check out the new ODE Prize Structure:

4 Player Commander Pods:
1st – 60 Prize TIX + City of Angel Playmat
2nd-4th – 20 Prize TIX


All 8 Player Constructed, Draft, and Sealed On Demand Events:
1st – 150 Prize TIX + City of Angels Playmat
2nd – 100 Prize TIX
3rd-4th – 50 Prize TIX


To support these changes, our entry fees have also changed somewhat:

Entry Fees:
Commander – $10
Constructed – $15
Draft – $20
Sealed – $30


That’s right–Constructed On Demand Events are returning! When we introduced the Infinite Constructed Bracelet at GP Portland, we wanted to ensure that every event would have enough participation for a timely start. It’s clear now that there’s enough love to support both scheduled and On Demand events. Please note, though, that the Infinite Constructed Bracelet is only valid for entry into scheduled events–a whopping 26 events!

As this post goes live, we have 666 players registered for the Main Event, which is effectively 1/3 or 33% of the total registration available for the event. If you are coming to the show, please take a moment and preregister now.


As I write this we are on the heels of 500 players in the Main Event for GP LA and by the time the post goes live we’ll be well on our way past it.

I can’t emphasize how important it is to preregister. Save yourself $10 and preregister today. Let your friends know. The last thing that anybody wants is to arrange their entire travel for LA, book non refundable airfare, and show up to a sold out tournament.

Some other important Stats:

VIP is over 33% Sold Out. We will likely sell out of VIP in the next week or so. If you’re interested in these limited extras it is very important to register now. We are also adding a new item to the VIP Package that all VIPs will receive. Stay tuned for that one.

We’ve already passed GP LA 2002. The Onslaught Sealed Deck/Rochester Draft Grand Prix Main Event brought out 480 players in November 2002.

We aren’t too far away from eclipsing GP LA 2009. That Extended GP drew “…a whopping 834 players…”. It’s amazing how far we’ve come in 5 years. Our Grand Prix in Salt Lake City earlier this month attracted 878 players in the main event, and many would consider that small.

We are really excited for this show. Whether it’s a convenient stopover from PT Honolulu, that LAX is an international hub, or if you’ve missed out on Portland and Salt Lake, now is your chance to see what these West Coast GPs are all about. Cascade Games, We Bring the Fun!

Update 10:35pm Sept 26th. Preregistration just passed 600! How long until we pass GP LA in 2009? We just need 234 to hit that mark.

GP LA preregistration keeps growing. In a few minutes we will pass through 400 players. I don’t want to be redundant but it really does seem like we are going to sell out. This is never certain but it does look like we are moving in that direction.

As GP’s grow it gets harder to find venues that can accommodate the size of the main event. We were lucky to get the LA convention center on the weekend that we needed. However we were only able to rent one of the halls as there is another group in the room next door. Simply, The convention center doesn’t have space that we can add on to grow this event.

With that in mind, please preregister now.

Update – Sept 26th 7:45am. I just checked the preregistration system and we are almost to 500 players.

Looks like were going to pass 300 players tonight. It’s at 288 right now. 300 out of 2000 doesn’t sound all that impressive unless you understand how GP Registration usually goes. We usually see about 75% of the registration in the last week before the GP.

I’m not sure if this GP will sell out, but it just might. So if you are traveling from somewhere that involves a nonrefundable flight it’s prudent to register now.

More importantly why is this GP interesting to players? I think it starts with a Standard format that interesting and evolving, Khans just adds more to the mix. Ad in 10 artists – all amazing in their own way, great side events and the amazing selection of the prize wall and this is going to be great GP.


… and the playmat is pretty sweet also.

GP LA Playmat


Book your discounted hotel now at the RAMADA Los Angeles-Downtown West! This hotel is located in Downtown LA and is a 15 minute walk to the Los Angeles Convention Center. The rate is only available by calling the hotel directly. Call 213.385.7141, use group code CG3ABB, and identify yourself as an attendee for Grand Prix LA.

Block Code: CG3ABB
Cutoff Date: 10/09/14

3 Nights or more bookings:
Two Double Beds = $125+tax per night
Two Queen Beds = $135+tax per night

2 Nights or less bookings:
Two Double Beds = $141+tax per night
Two Queen Beds = $151+tax per night

RAMADA Los Angeles-Downtown West
1901 W. Olympic Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA 90006

It’s just under a month until GP LA and you can fly from over 15 airports for less than $299!  Over 20 airports to LAX for less than $369!  Gotta love Southwest.  Plus you’ll get 2 free checked bags to bring all your prizes home!  I’ve never seen a GP this accessible, this close to the show.

SEA –> LAX = $214

PDX –> LAX = $235

OAK/SFO/SJC –> LAX = $149

GEG –> LAX = $284

BOI –> LAX = $255

SLC –> LAX = $225

RNO –> LAX = $225

LAS –> LAX = $149

PHX –> LAX = $166

TUS –> LAX = $201

DEN –> LAX = $235

ABQ –> LAX = $227

DAL –> LAX = $269

AUS –> LAX = $216

SAT –> LAX = $327

HOU –> LAX = $290

MCI –> LAX = $333

MDW –> LAX = $355

RIC –> LAX = $366

ATL –> LAX = $319

All flights based off lowest Southwest Airlines fares on Thursday Arrival (10/16) and Monday Return (10/20).  Prices subject to change.  Book now and remember to preregister!

It’s just under 30 days out and prereg for GP LA is over 100 players. Usually 75% of the players register in the last week. My best guess is that the GP will either sell out or come very close.

I strongly recommend folks attending from long distances to register now! If you are flying in from Japan please register now. Buying a nonrefundable flight only to find that the main event is sold out would be horrible.


Update – Sept 20th 3:30pm Prereg is now at 120. My guess is that it will be close to 200 by end of day Monday.

Update – Sept 21st 12:45pm Prereg now at 147. On track for 200 by end of the day on Monday. Obviously predictions on attendance are really hard to make with any accuracy. However this is my best guess.

Update – Sept 22 10am Ipreregistration for Magic Grand Prix LA is 189 players.

Update – Sept 22 6pm Ipreregistration for Magic Grand Prix LA is 213 players.

Grand Prix Los Angeles is a little over a month away and we have a lot of developments to share.

First, the Fire Marshal has just approved our final floor plan and the max attendance for Main Event will be 2016 players. We believe that it is possible to reach that attendance figure and if we do it would make Grand Prix LA the largest Magic event ever held on the west coast of the US. Register today to guarantee your spot.


We are excited about the growth of Magic tournaments and events on the west coast have been growing at a particularly high rate. To support that growth, like most GPs, we are going to have to increase the entry fee for the main event to $50. If you register by the end of the day Friday, September 26th you will be able to take advantage of the $40 Early Bird registration price.


Finally, our big push this year has been about improving the Grand Prix experience. We have focused on players getting to play Magic the way they want and getting what they want while doing it. Our new Prize Wall is a good example of this. It gives players a chance to select the prizes they want for the events they want to play in. The Infinite Constructed Bracelet that allows you to play in as many scheduled constructed events that you can in a weekend is another. We will continue to listen to players and improve our events.

At Grand Prix Portland and Grand Prix Salt Lake City we heard a lot of opinions from players about how we distribute the exclusive Ultra PRO play mats. Growing numbers of players come to Grand Prix events to play only in the side events. Some people love that they can get the play mat for playing in side events. Many players love that they can earn more than one throughout the weekend. However, some players only want to play in the Main Event, and are disappointed that they can’t get a play mat that way. We decided we wanted the best of both worlds.


GP LA Playmat


We are going to have the sweet Rattleclaw Mystic play mat for every player in the Main Event. Plus, you can still get one in the ways you’ve come to expect at Cascade Games and Channel Fireball Grand Prix Events. Those ways include:

  1. Play in a GP Los Angeles Last Chance Trial event on Friday
  2. Play in the Sunday Super Series!
  3. Purchase an Infinite Constructed Bracelet
  4. Go 5-0 or 4-0-1 in any scheduled side event.

We have also finalized the list of artists that will be at Grand Prix Los Angeles. Here is the list:


We are really excited about creating a great Grand Prix experience that is customized for you. We plan on continuing to work to make these events as awesome as they can be.


The following Tweeps have won 30 #GPSLC prize tix!


Please see @ahtweet on the Chandra stage before 12p on Sunday to collect your prize, and thanks for helping us get the word out! For the latest updates, contests, and more, follow @cascadegamesllc on Twitter here.

The calendar covers all the stuff within a mile with hours, location, & details (e.g., type of food, whether they serve alcohol, etc). Click the “Today” button for best results.

The best options according to a Salt Lake City restaurant critic can be found here, but they’re all in SLC.

For more upscale options on Saturday, check out Tiburon, La Costa, or Royal India. Sunday night, you’ve a few less options as Royal India is closed.